Classic Augusta Country Club Wedding

Drew and Leila’s celebration of marriage on a warm October day at historic venues in Augusta, GA.

The wedding day of Drew and Leila started on a peaceful morning right in the heart of Augusta, Georgia. Leila and her bridesmaids arrived at the Wilcox Cottage at the Augusta Country Club as the classic details of blue and white where captured. Every detail was thought out, from the magnolia broach, to the pink heart on Leila’s bouquet (beautifully done by Garden Gathered Flowers ) in honor of Drew’s mother.

As the day unfolded, watching the deep joy Leila had with her mom, and sisters filled my heart with passion. I have never seen a bride as joyful as Leila. Sometimes, the bridal preparation is just a formality, but Leila took the time to let all of the emotions of the day sink in. Drew calmly awaited his bride at the church as he began to ready with his brothers and groomsman.

As we loaded up to go to the church (on the cutest trolli), the anticipation was building. Once inside the church, Leila’s bridesmaids took time to pray over her and Drew as they begin their marriage covenant together.

The moment Leila and Drew had been waiting for was finally here. As the family walked down the grand asile of Most Holy Trinity, there were smiles, and maybe a few tears of joy, on every face. As the doors flew open and Drew gazed upon his beautiful bride, there was an air of joy that lifted the sanctuary. Leila smiled at every single guest as she graced down the aisle. Once her eyes met Drew’s, no one else was in the room.

Moving into the reception at Augusta Country Club

After the ceremony, family portraits was a loving celebration. Moving into bride and groom portraits, I realized that these two are one of kind in love. They know what the other is thinking and are not afraid to genuinely be themselves. I could not help but feel a complete honor to document the emotion, giddyness, and passion Drew and Leila feel for each other.

Talk about a party! This crew celebrated so hard. Chris, from One Night Entertainment was the best D.J. He brought that country club to life! When it was time to exit, I do not think any one was ready, but we said goodbye to the couple as they started their new life together.

Here is just a small preview into the one of the most affectionate wedding days I have captured yet! The most frequent comment heard when talking about Drew and Leila’s wedding day was:

“She was the most joyful bride I have ever seen”

I can testify no words are more true!

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Stunning ball gown from Elegant Bridals
Suits are from Simons Formal Wear
Fun Fact, Leila’s mother and father were married at MHT as well.
Stunning views of the historic Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Telfair Street in downtown Augusta, GA
Leila and Drew had a stunning classic look for their wedding.
The North Augusta Trolli, for the win!
Lord of the Rings cake, I mean how fun is that?!
Stunning views of the Augusta Country Club
  1. Leila W Chamberlain says:

    Such a joyous and lively wedding day! We are blessed to have so many loved ones who know how to party and share the love! Thank you, Nicole!!! You summed up the day beautifully and took such spectacular photos!!! Everything was truly amazing. I love looking back on this October afternoon and seeing all the smiles, laughs, hugs, and dance moves! 🙂

    Facts to share if other brides are curious:
    -My dad proposed to my mom at the ACC back in August of 1982.
    -I had my rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception at the same places as my parents when they got married back in February of 1983.
    -Our dating anniversary is my paternal grandparent’s wedding anniversary, so I knew I wanted to get married on my maternal grandparent’s wedding anniversary. (Drew also proposed on what would’ve been my maternal grandfather’s 110th birthday, which Drew did not plan!)
    -My something old: Drew’s mother’s necklace around my bouquet in honor of her memory (she loved pink, so my bridesmaids and I had pink nails for her, too).
    -My something new: lipstick shade my sister/moh Alice picked out (and mascara I bought).
    -My something borrowed: my paternal grandmother’s handkerchief Alice lent me (Drew also had a piece of his maternal grandmother’s wedding dress with him that his aunt made into a handkerchief. Both grandmothers were named Dorothy <3 )
    -My something blue: Evenstar garter from Etsy (I love LOTR!)
    -We honeymooned in Québec City, Canada at Le Château Frontenac, which is where my maternal grandparents honeymooned! We booked the hotel before we even knew that. 🙂
    -My favorite color is blue, which is why I requested blue and white for my colors (and some peach since Drew's a Mets fans and their colors are blue and orange).
    -I had a bridesmaid who sadly couldn't make it and other guests as well, but it's important to remember that the goal is to get married and enjoy the day because it's the start of your new life with your spouse!
    -Drew and I were locker buddies throughout high school (2009-2013) and reconnected summer 2016 and became best friends quickly. We started dating in August 2018, got engaged late October 2020, and married early October 2021. He is the man for me, and we're as happy as can be! 😀

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