Spring Bloom Motherhood Session in Augusta Georgia

Spring blossoms in the historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia bring you back in time and create a magic inside you. I had the beautiful opportunity to slow time down and put Emily and her sweet babies in front of my new medium format film camera. The Pentax 645n is a magical camera that captures light and color in the best way a photographer could dream. Luckily I was able to grab the remaining film stock Fujifilm Pro 400

I had a vision to put Emily in front of the best early Spring blooms I could find. A beautiful historic home located on the brick roads of Summerville in Augusta had the biggest Japanese Magnolia’s I have ever seen. The light glowing, creamy and warm.

After everything was set up with the home owner, Emily picked an elegant dress from our client closet. The Fur Elise Dress from JessaKae added the romantic feel to each image. Images of all of our client closet dresses will be available on our website soon.

As I have gotten to know Emily through taking pictures of her and her babies, I knew she was going to shine with the early spring blooms because she radiates so much joy.

Shooting with my new film camera elicited so much creativity inside me.

I was able to capture the essence of Summerville Augusta in early spring.

The feel of new starts. Fresh. Full.

Emily felt the same way. The peace to sit with God’s light shining on her. Holding her babies in a moment. Time to take it in. Space to be and let be in the beauty created just simply for us to enjoy.

Enjoy my very first medium format film images taken in the historic beauty of Summerville Augusta.

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