Sentimental and Classic Smalltown Edgefield, SC Wedding

The Details

Mitch and Carrie Ann are the epitome of sentimental, classic romance. Every detail and relationship that revealed the outpouring of love soaked into their nature as a couple. From the location of the wedding, down to the emotional and funny speeches from the bridal party.

Carrie Ann chose to add touches of North Carolina blue mixed with blacks and whites for their wedding decor in Edgefield, South Carolina to show off Mitch’s alma mater, UNC. Carrie Ann grew up in the the picturesque southern town of Edgefield, South Carolina. Incorporating the special smalltown details were a must. The ceremony took place at her childhood church of First Baptist Edgefield, and the reception was held at the NWTF Pavillion.

We started the morning with a peaceful calm, as Carrie Ann and her bridesmaids got ready in a beautifully remodeled downtown apartment. I loved the atmosphere. Being across the street from the church and the energy of the calm before the day began.

My personal favorite detail was Carrie Ann’s train on her dress. It is the original train to her mother’s wedding gown. I also chose to shoot a majority of this wedding day on film, so there will be plenty of film images!

The drawing of the ceremony at the top of the invitation. (can we talk about how gorgeous the mother of the brides dress is also??)
bridal prep on film
detail on film
The guest book was a Bible, where guests could highlight their favorite verses.

Private First Look

Mitch and Carrie Ann chose to do a very private first look. Time to pull out the zoom lenses!

Carrie Ann chose a classic black for the bridesmaids and I was obsessed with how they look with the white bouquets.

The Ceremony

FIrst Baptist Church of Edgefield.
I loved having a live painter at the ceremony!
The way Mitch looks at his bride!!!

I am an absolute sucker for the “right after the ceremony” moments. The sheer joy on Mitch and Carrie Ann’s Face as they celebrate outside of Edgefield First Baptist will melt anyone’s heart.

Just a small peek into so many of the valued relationships Carrie Ann and Mitch cultivate.

Candid moments with Mitch’s family
Carrie Ann with her Grand dad.

Time to head to the reception!

The National Wild Turkey Federation, located in Edgefield South Carolina, has amazing views of southern country. This was the perfect setting for the classic touches Carrie Ann added to the pavillion.

golden hour film shot

The first dance was one of deep love, tenderness and joy. It radiated throughout the entire space.

the way she holds him
I love the handshake Mitch gave Carrie Ann’s father.
Carrie Ann and her family hand made an entire cookie bar! Delicious.

The Speeches were my favorite part of the reception.

We get to hear just how funny Mitch really is when he opens up and just how perfect the two of them are for each other.

golden hour on film will always have my heart

Dance the night away!

( Well at least an hour and a half of it! ) The dance floor stayed full the entire reception! Everyone had a blast celebrating Mitch and Carrie Ann.

I was obsessed with Carrie Ann’s get away jumpsuit!

I hope the images shared give each of you just a taste of what a complete honor and joy it was to document the celebration of Carrie Ann and Mitch. I could never fully describe the outpouring of kindness and love that each of them and their families have.

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