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To love fully.

To document intentionally.

We are so blessed that you are here.
Our desire is to capture cherished moments with artistic and intentional sensibility. 
We want to create magical imagery through film and photography that take you back to a singular moment in time, causing you to feel joy deep in your soul.
Your story is unique and should be photographed and filmed with passion, creativity and heartfelt intention. 
We look forward to hearing more about you! 

James and Nicole are a photo/video team and Debbie is our second shooter and editor. Capturing the memories of couples and families is how we express our love for the hearts of people.

About Soulshine

Wedding, lifestyle & Newborn 

about the artists

Starting the new chapters of your life story is beautiful and deserves to be documented with meaningful intention.
Each of your images and films are the heirloom memory pages in the book of your one life. Knowing that you want an experience that goes beyond good images, one that makes you feel like a fairytale and at home all at once, is what you are looking for.
A photo + video team that gets the real and the beautiful of each moment, because not one moment is too small when you are recording life. This is the story you have been waiting to have permanent. 

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Where fine art meets authentic

does this sound like you?
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how it all started

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SamanthA, Augusta, ga

To Soulshine, taking photos is not just thier job-it's their passion. They pour their heart into every family, couple, person. You not only leave with beautiful photos, you leave with a full heart. "

We had our first session with Soulshine Photography Spring of 2019. After spending just one mini session with Nicole & her mom, you could tell that kindness and warmth surrounded them and their work. I knew right away that I wanted them to photograph my wedding. 
Fast forward to the start of 2020 when the entire world was turned upside down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Nicole was dependable, calming, kind, reassuring. We had to drastically change the plans for our wedding ceremony - taking our guest list from over 100 people to 12. Nicole continued to reassure me that our photographs would represent our love and not the current state of worry that everyone was experiencing at that time.he delivered! I will cherish the photographs she took that day for the rest of my life.

Samantha + cody
Green Boundary
Aiken, SC

north augusta sc

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