5 reasons I love film photography

( and you will too!)

film at hammonds ferry

Have you scrolled through instagram, see a picture that is light, inspiring, and somehow you feel the image coming to life? That is EXACTLY how I feel when I look at a film image.

As I dig deeper into my own art of photography, I continue to crave the painted, artistic, colorful images i see in my minds eye.

Film has started allowing me to do just that.

1. Film adds a slower artistic quality to each image

portra 400 on the left/ portra 800 on the right

When I switch from digital, to film, it forces me to slow down, think about lighting more. To be slower and more intentional in each moment.

The cost of film is much higher than digital. I do not want to just click, I want to deliver documental story of the moments you are asking me to capture.

Deliver images you love.

With digital, it is a constant click click of each moment, seeing but sometimes never deeper.

Don’t get me wrong, I try to do the same with digital, but with film I know I have only a few frames per roll, a few seconds to capture the essence of the emotion. A documentary style that is full of intention.

It helps me truly see you.

2. It adds a painted quality to your images

The quality of each image is thought out and composed. I am constantly aware of how to make the images have rich color, beautiful skin tones and thoughtful scenery straight out of camera.

Being slower and thoughtful allows for the images to have vivid colors, feelings and a painted feel.

hammonds ferry north augusta

3. It enhances your experience as a client

Like I stated before, I love digital and the freedom it allows, but taking the time to be more intentional and seek out the documentary story of your family allows for me to get to know each of you better by spending more time together.

I always send out questions before our session and as we plan, but being able to be still to see lets me get to know you better, therefore documenting you better.

4. The images are dynamic

Film images are beautiful pieces of art. When you look at them you know it “hits different”

The light is softer, the colors so true to life, but somehow better.

In my opinion, there is no digital form of photography that can create artwork and beauty like film.

This is why I will be offering it to all of my couples and families!

5. Film Captures details beautifully

Often, with digital, it is quite difficult to get perfect skin tones, well exposed highlights, and the feel of a real life image.

You see the deep detail of the skin, the grain and tone allow you to feel what was felt in that moment.

Rich and pure. As it should be.

My goal moving foward in 2022 is to share my love of film with you.

So, are you in love with flm yet?

I hope to begin not only sharing digital, on screen galleries, but to deliver works of art.

Prints that you see in real life. Hold in your hand.

Not just a post for social media.

Your memories are a work of art and deserve to be treated as such!

I am looking forward to moving into a new season of photography with each of you!

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