Serve-a goal word for 2022.

I plan, set goals, follow to do lists, until I am caught in an endless cycle of the “next” thing. This is the space I find myself often. So, how do I break the cycle, end the trap of drowning in must do’s and unrealistic expectations I put on myself? My conclusion this year is to simply serve.

There were many words swimming around in my ADHD brain to focus on for 2022. Then, there was the thought, why even have a word because so many years past I would not even stick with it, long forgotten, buried under life. Immediately I shut that thought down.

If there is never a goal, there may never be growth.

We all live for something, it is just a fact. Our hearts are made to desire hope. A reason greater than ourselves. I know my heart aches to achieve a higher purpose that goes far beyond the lull of day to day normalities. That is when it hit me. Right there, in the day to day, there are moments, big, but often small, where the opportunities to meet the goals are present.

To serve means to “perform duties or services for another person.”

I have read it so many times, but this time was different. “… rather, serve one another humbly in love” Galatians 5:13. Humility is a posture my human nature hates. When I turn on auto pilot and let my days fly by chasing goals that do not have any impact on eternity, I only serve myself. Then, one day, when it is all said and done, there is nothing left. I strived to hold tight to successes that do not matter compared to eternity.

The Holy Spirit spoke the word gently in my mind, serve.

Take the time to see the little, the small ways in the small moments to love someone else. Actually cook dinner ( those who know me know I am NOT a cook. Cereal all day!) Take more time to listen when my kids are speaking about the things important to them. Make more time in my calendar to just go be with friends. To be fully present without checking my phone. The ideas kept rolling in.

Bless the cashiers with smiles and kind words, get hand warmers for the people who work in the cold etc. IF I can start there, in the small of my everyday activities, That is where the miracle is. I do not have to hit home runs all the time. Most of the time, God calls us to the base hits, the big work in the small service.

Now, this will NOT be easy. It is going to be desperately hard.

My prayer this year, for 2022 is the dig deeper into loving my family, my friends, my clients through service, and therefore growing in love for my Creator.

So take time this week, stop to be still and ponder what your goal is and why?

Dedicate this year to something greater than yourself and just watch the miracles begin to break through.

These few film images of my babies and I speak deep into the desire of my heart to be intentional, I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

film photography 2022
film photography 2022
film photography 2022
film photography 2022
film photography 2022
film photography 2022
film photography 2022

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