Whimsical Story book Wedding at Stable View Farms in Aiken South Carolina

story book wedding in aiken south carolina

Welcome to the wedding of Joshua and Anastasia. The day unfolded like a love story from a novel. The tender moments of each relationship were a bright light through out the day. Anastasia was the epitome of timeless romance. A fairy tale inspired wedding, complete with a timeless first dance that is a must see, and custom whimsical details that will leave you craving to pick up a Jane Austen novel.

Josh and Anastasia’s wedding inspired me chase the fairy tale love little girls dream about.

The whimsical details brought the story to life. The pearls weaved into the veil were hand stitched by Ana’s mother and when Ana put on her wedding dress and she showed me the petticoat she wore underneath. I mean, if wearing a petticoat does not take you back to the 18th century I don’t know what will! That exact petticoat had been passed down through several generations of women in her family. Each had worn it on the day of their wedding and now Ana had her turn to carry on the tradition!

I would say my personal favorite detail was the ring. Josh had Ana’s ring personally made into the shape of her favorite flower, a magnolia. The sweet aroma of the southern magnolia is so reminiscent to the kind and gentle spirit of Anastasia. I thought that was so perfectly fitting!

The bridesmaids reaction to Ana’s reveal was perfect. It spoke to the nature and care she puts into all of her relationships. The bridal party is such a tight knit group of friends. I could feel the anticipation and joy radiating off of everyone.

Moving closer to the ceremony, the person that continued to catch my eye was Ana’s mom. I could see the twinkle in her eye, knowing she was releasing her daughter to a caring and intentional soul.

After the ceremony, we took Ana and Josh for a few more portraits, to capture the essence of that just married glow. I had the song, “Dawn” from the “The Pride and the Prejudice” playing in me head with every click of my shutter. My creativity was filled to the brim. I even tried my first double exposure! I always have a difficult time calling it quits with bride and groom pictures, but this time, I had to force myself to stop so my sweet couple could go eat!

The equestrian stable set the scene for an 18th century England reception. As Josh and Ana began their first dance, I could tell it was different. I watched a scene from “The Pride and The Prejudice” unfold before my eyes. Come on ladies, you know, the one were Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth dance, and the scene flashes showing just the two of them in the room. You could burst at the heat and passion of the moment. That is exactly how this first dance was. I was traveling back in time, through pages of books and changes of words, where dictation held a higher sense of meaning and graceful romance was the dream of every woman.

That dance set the tone for the rest of the night. Everyone danced the night away.

Free and with abandon.

Joy seeping into every corner of the stable. When it was time to leave, we sent them off with a representation of their love, sparklers.

Ana and Josh’s wedding was one I won’t soon forget, so I chose to make it my very first blog post!

I hope you all enjoy the images from this graceful September day!

Venue | Stable View Farms

Planning and Coordination | Southern Gates Events

Catering |

Wedding Gown | David’s Bridal Augusta

Suits | Simons Formal Wear

Hair | Jessica Graves

Bridesmaids Dresses | Davids Bridal

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