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Yes!! Engagement sessions are wonderful for many reasons: you and I get to know each other before your wedding date! I love going to grab dinner too, but this lets us get to know each other and how we will work together at your wedding making the day feel easy and seamless. You also get tons more images besides your wedding photos! When you are thinking of printing images for wall art, it definitely gives you more selection besides your wedding photos! 
I deliver a bridal guide to every bride I get to serve that has so much information about what to wear and choosing location ideas! 

Each collection offers over 1,000 high quality digital images delivered within 5 weeks after your wedding! We always use two shooters and like to start from when you are getting ready with your bridal party. We start with details, move to getting ready shots and go from there! You will always receive a bridal questionnaire 8 weeks before the wedding that helps us know all the details and provide you with a photography timeline catered to your day! We offer customizable collections as well. If you are looking for all the extras, we also have collections that provide heirloom albums, prints and more.  Our video stays closely behind photography to fully capture every moment to tell your story.

Some getting ready spaces have great light with wonderful windows, but some do not. That's okay, we got you covered. We have several flashes that we use to bring in the light, you would never know that it wasn't from a natural source! We can find a great spot nearby to have your loved one zipping up your dress, putting on earring etc. 
For Receptions, we are always prepared to use several off camera flashes to give a natural look with lots of pop! 

1. Do you offer engagement photos?

2. What do you get with our wedding collections?

3. What if  the getting ready room is dark, and my reception is at night, are the images CONSISTENT?

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Here is a list of my most frequently asked questions concerning my sessions. Please contact me if you can't find the answer you're looking for!

I am here to tell you, there is no perfect season, perfect weight, perfect hair to document your story. These moments are your memories! Precious, here and now, and ever so fleeting. Wether you are doing family pictures, senior pictures or newborn pictures, take the time to take a break and be who you are right now. You won’t regret it.  

Everyone asks what to wear so we would love to give you our opinion. Once you book your session with us we give a FREE PDF that has great information about coordinating your colors, styles and ideas.

Your children love when you take time to slow down and PLAY with them. Pick them up, spin them around, play chase. Your session should show beautiful documentation of who you are as a family, whatever kinds of ways you show your children attention, use that during the session! It will keep them engaged and you will love the results! I promise! I will help provide prompts as well to guarantee you will have a blast.

Simple and exciting. These are the words I use to describe the ideal family session location. Go for a small hike in a field, play down at the lake or by the river, Let’s go grap ice cream or just hang out in your yard!

1. come as you are 

2. what to wear?

3. come ready to play!

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how do we get ready for our session? 

What about the location? 

This is a session in your own home where I come in and take the time to capture you and your new addition to your family. A newborn session is usually booked within the first 2 weeks of the baby's birth. A lifestyle session is where I capture everyone in the family together, and each person in the family with the new baby! I always make sure to get images of just the baby in their new environment as well. A gallery usually consists of 70 images. 

The earlier the session is booked and the deposit is paid, the better! I can go ahead and have your due date in my calendar so we can stay in touch concerning your baby's debut into the world! If you are wanting to package together newborns and maternity pictures, click here to look at our collections and investments. If you wait until your baby is born to reach out, I may not have any availability! 

This is definitely my most frequently asked question! I always suggest a longer flowy dress for moms, something that is comfortable and loose, but also flattering. Solid colored neutrals are always the way to go for in home sessions. It helps keep the focus on the baby and gives a clean look to your images. Babies look best in swaddles, I am educated in wrapping the babies and would be happy to do so when I arrive! If you are interested in my swaddle collection please let me know! 

You should try to give your baby a full feeding about 30-45 minutes before my arrival time. I completely understand if your baby gets fussy during our session. If you need to take a break to give the baby more milk, please feel free to tell me and do so! Our priority is to keep that sweet one happy!

When you book a session with "posed baby sets" this means that I will bring previously discussed props (we can discuss color schemes and feel of the shoot your wanting to achieve after booking), such as furs, blankets, baskets, and wraps. I edit these photos in lightroom, not photoshop, there are certain poses I cannot do, but there are many that I can! Depending on the collection you pick, you can get up to 3 sets, and there is always an option to add more! 

1.In home lifestyle sessions

2.When should i reach out to book a newborn session?

3. What should we wear? 

4. When should i feed my baby in PREPARATION? 

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When choosing a location for your gallery, think about how you want your images to look, what types of places identify well with your personality and what you like to do. 
Do you want to travel somewhere you love? Let's do it!
Are you wanting gorgeous nature scenes, lots of water? Do you want to have an edgy look, downtown and artistic? Are you wanting to just hang out at home and capture who you are in everyday life? There are so many options but you know what fits you best!

I usually suggest wearing a casual outfit for some shots and a more dressed up outfit as well! IF you have a favorite, WEAR IT! If not, this is a great excuse to go shopping! Try to avoid patterns that are smaller than a quarter. 

ABSOLUTELY! Whatever you love to do, I want to incorporate it into our shoot as much as possible! If you play sports, bring jerseys, and equipment, we could even get some awesome action shots! If you play an instrument, I would love to have pictures of you playing! Do you love animals? Let's put that in our shoot time! Again, whatever you are passionate about, I want to capture it to the fullest!

1. Location

2. What should i wear?

3.  Should I bring anything else/

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